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Dent Dynamics DFW in Alvarado, Texas provides excellent automotive hail restoration. You can trust our team to restore the beauty of your vehicles. Our restoration services include Paintless Dent Repair (PDR.)

What Is PDR?

Paintless Dent Repair (or PDR) is a method of removing dents from the sheet metal of a vehicle, using specialized tools, without the use of paint, Bondo, or “traditional” bodywork.
PDR has been the preferred method of repairing door dings, dents, and hail damage with vehicle manufacturers for over 30 years. Insurance companies have found it to be a superior and more cost effective alternative to repair small dents.

Advantages of PDR

  • No Paint or Bondo
  • Less Expensive Than Traditional Paint and Body (10% To 50% Less)
  • Perfect Color Match to Existing (No Painting)
  • Perfect Texture Match to Existing (No Painting)
  • No Worries About Paint Overspray on Unaffected Panels
  • Safer for The Environment - No Toxic Paint Fumes Into The Ozone

Keep Your Car’s Factory Paint

If possible, it is always better to keep the factory paint on your vehicle. Your factory paint is always better than paint from a body shop. The adhesion properties, texture, color, tint, and fading are nearly impossible to match with 100% precision.

Some of the best body shops in town spend up to $100k on a paint booth. The auto manufacturer spends over $1 million in most cases.

How is It Done?

PDR is a very tedious process. Using specialized tools, a PDR Technician pushes the dents out from the backside of the metal. Even the smallest dents (1/4” Diameter) require several push points to completely remove the dent.

Dent Dynamics DFW Certified Master Technicians must pass a rigorous testing and inspection period before working on customers’ vehicles. You can always be assured that your car is in good hands with Dent Dynamics DFW.

Only after a stringent process of training and quality inspections can a technician work on your car. Drop by one of our shops for a free demonstration!

Limits to PDR

There are limits to PDR. PDR cannot always be the right process to repair your vehicle. Let one of our specialists evaluate your vehicle today!

The Repair Process

Step 1: Initial Inspection

The vehicle undergoes a cleaning and a thorough inspection of all related and unrelated damage. All aspects of the vehicle are tested for proper functioning.

Step 2: Supplementation

If our initial inspection reveals inaccuracies in the original insurance estimate, you are contacted and informed of the additional amount, items, and inaccuracies being submitted to your insurance company.

The insurance company is then contacted and a supplement is submitted by Dent Dynamics DFW. We handle this process and there is no need for you to be inconvenienced.

Step 3: Disassembly

Once a vehicle is ready for repair, the required panels and components are carefully and professionally removed and labeled for reassembly. For Ex. Headliner, fender liner, tail lamps, headlamps, interior door trim panels, etc.

Step 4: PDR Repair

After disassembly, our team meticulously repairs each and every hail dent back to its original showroom form with a vast array of specialized PDR hand tools and rods.

Advanced glue-pulling techniques are executed on inaccessible panels such as roof rails.

Step 5: Pre-Assembly Quality Inspection

Our lead technician and the owner will examine the repairs of every panel to ensure an undetectable repair before assembly.

Step 6: Reassembly

After all hail damage has been completely repaired and has passed the pre-assembly quality inspection, the vehicle is then professionally reassembled.

Step 7: Final Quality Inspection

After the vehicle is reassembled, all related and unrelated functions are checked.

For instance, if the tail lights were removed to repair the dents on a quarter panel, the taillights will be reinstalled and tested for proper function.

If the headliner was removed it is checked to make sure all interior lights and features function properly.

After the vehicle has been washed and detailed, the owner will personally do a complete and final inspection to ensure the high-quality standards and expectations for Dent Dynamics DFW have been met.

Final Step: Delivery and Payment

Once the repair is completed our customer is contacted to arrange for the pickup of their vehicle.

Payment in full is due at this time. Below are some examples of how payment is made:

  • The insurance company will make a check payable directly to Dent Dynamics DFW and therefore the customer can take possession of their vehicle without having to secure payment of any kind.
  • The insurance check is made payable to two parties; both Dent Dynamics DFW and the insured. In this situation, the customer would endorse the check and present the signed check to Dent Dynamics DFW.
  • The Insurance check is made payable to the insured and their lien holder. In this instance, we will provide your lien holder with a Dent Dynamics hail damage repair invoice. Upon inspection or receipt of repairs, your lien holder will then endorse your insurance check.
  • If and when an insurance company makes the payment directly to the insured, the customer is responsible for making sure the payment is available before or at the time of delivery.
  • All customer-paid amounts must be insurance checks, cash, cashier's check, or money order.

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